Education Services

The renewable energy sector is a fast-paced and rapidly growing market. Renewable Energy Associates offers continuing education to allow our clients stay abreast of market trends. We are dedicated to increasing the knowledge required to properly install and maintain systems. We provide industry-related training for tradespeople, businesses, government agencies and institutions from the basics to the latest equipment, technology and design practices in the market.

Be sure to checkout some of Ryan Mayfields, Renewable Energy Associates principal and owner, recent publications as photovoltaic systems technical editor for SolarPro magazine, Home Power magazine contributor and author of one of the latest solar design books, Photovoltaic Design & Installation for Dummies.

Ryan Mayfield will soon be teaching a popular 10 week online course on Megawatt Solar Design with SolarPro and HeatSpring. The courses includes 50+ hours of instruction and goes deeper than webinars or workshops can go. At the end of the course, students submit a full system design, equipment selection, and project budgets and get 1 on 1 feedback from Ryan.