As well as contributing to professional publications Ryan Mayfield's first book was published in September of 2010. Ryan also recently collaborated with nationally recognized electrical code guru, Mike Holt, on a book aimed at understanding the 2014 NEC solar requirements.

Photovoltaic Design &
Installation for Dummies

"In recent years, photovoltaic (PV) systems have popped up on people’s homes and businesses all over the United States..."

Now available in Chinese! 现已在中国!
2011 Understanding NEC Requirements for Solar Photovoltaic SystemsUnderstanding 2011 NEC Requirements for Solar Photovoltaic Systems

"Solar power is new to most in the electrical industry and this expanding and exciting industry has created many NEC challenges for the designer, contractor, installer, inspector, and instructor..."

Understanding 2014 NEC Requirements for Solar Photovoltaic SystemsUnderstanding 2014 NEC Requirements for Solar Photovoltaic Systems

“SolarPro is proud to get behind this exceptional new technical training guide, published to the same high standards of quality and accuracy our readers have come to expect.”

Joe Schwartz, Publisher
SolarPro Magazine

Some of Ryan’s previous publications as the photovoltaic systems technical editor for SolarPro magazine, where he regularly contributes to feature articles. Ryan has also been an active contributor to Home Power magazine.

Common Code Violations
Residential PV Systems

"The first residential PV projects were installed in locations far from the long arm of the building code establishment..."
Project Plan Sets

"As the number of PV installations has increased, so has the ability of building departments to deal effectively with permitting and inspection..."
Racking Equipment Guide

"In this article we survey products available to North American PV integrators for residential or commercial pitchedroof applications..."
Flat Roof Mounting Systems

"An increasing number of PV systems are being installed in commercial applications across the US..."
Racking Manufacturer: Solutions for Low-Slope Commercial Roof ApplicationRacking Manufacturer Survey: Solutions for Low-Slope Commercial Roof Application

"Mounting systems for low-slope, commercial roof applications are wide ranging and represent one of the most rapidly evolving equipment groups..."
Equipment Grounding Conductors: Sizing & MethodsEquipment Grounding Conductors: Sizing & Methods

"The subject of grounding photovoltaic systems can lead to some very heated conversations. It is not uncommon for multiple interpretations of the same rule...."